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We are the Japanese trading company concentrated in chemicals based raw material business, 
Import and export the products, physical distribution and warehouse.


Hair Care

  • Surfactant Base for Shampoo
  • Natural Extract Emollient for   
  • Hair care product
  • Special Silicone Emulsion for Conditioner and Treatment
  • Cationic Polymer for Conditioner and Treatment
  • Variety of Fragrance for Hair care product
  • Preservative for Hair care product

Facial Care

  • Mild Surfactant base for Facial cleanser
  • Full Range of Silicone for Facial 
  • treatment
  • Wide Range of Emollient for Facial care product
  • Whitening agent and Sunscreen Base Materials for Facial treatment
  • Variety of Fragrance for Facial care product
  • Preservative for Facial care product

Body Care

  • Full Range of Surfactant for body soap and detergent
  • Wide Range of Emollient for Body Care Product
  • Full Range of Silicone for Body Treatment
  • Thickening agent for Body Care Product
  • Variety of Fragrance for Body care product
  • Preservative for Body care product

Baby Care

  • Mild surfactant base for baby soap and detergent
  • Wide Range of Emollient for Baby Lotion
  • Full Range of Silicone for Baby Lotion
  • Special Fragrance for Baby Care Product
  • Mild Preservative for Baby Care Product

Color Cosmetics

  • Pigment for Eye Shadow and Foundation
  • Sensory improver for powder products
  • Special silicone for long lasting effect
  • Finishing agent for color cosmetics

Home Care

  • Kitchen & Floor Sanitary Care
  • Full Range of Surfactant for Sanitary product
  • Wide Range of Thickening agent
  • Variety of Fragrance for Sanitary product
  • Biocide and Preservative for Sanitary product



Emulsifier – Special surfactant for wide range agriculture chemical formulations
Bactericide and Disinfectant – Special chemical for farm sanitation chemical formulation


Sealant and Adhesive – Acid, Neutral and Anti-fungal Silicone Sealant
Water reducing agent – Special Dispersing Agent for quick dry cement.


PP & PE Sheet for packaging,

Plastic additive for compounding, master batch, PVC compound, etc.


Pretreatment Auxiliary – Scouring, Chelating and optical brightening agents, etc.
Dyeing & Printing Auxiliary – Dispersing and Thickening agents
Finishing Auxiliary – Silicone emulsion and softener


Silicone Oil
Natural Rubber
Styrene Butadiene Rubber
Rubber Additive
Coupling Agent
Release Agent
Processing Promoter
Stearic Acid
Rubber Accelerators


  Mold Releasing – Special Silicone type for interior parts
Corrosion Inhibitor
Glycerin for Industrial use

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